Space Technology to Monitor the Progress of Green Highways Project

    Following the latest reports made by the Indian government, it is clear that the green highway projects have gone an extra mile, thanks to the advancement in technology. The country is planning to use the space technology to track the projects which are related to green highway and to ensure that adequate plants are planted along their roads to make them more appealing.

    Therefore, the implementation, as well as the progress of plantation along the national highways in the country, is now a task which is left to be conducted by the images which are acquired by the Indian space research organization.

    To achieve this success, the auditing will entail the utilization of contemporary technology tools. Under the new policy by the name Centre‚Äôs ambitious green highway policy, the planting of trees along the nation’s highway is now a task to be performed by experts in the plantation non-profits, agencies in the country as well as other relevant organizations.

    This project is no longer a task for highway contractors. The experts will also be contracted the same way, but there will not be any shortage of money for this project. The contractors who are selected according to the policy will be responsible for both the health and survival of the newly planted trees.

    Similarly, the contractors will be monitored closely by the appointing authority in the ministry. According to the latest reports from the department, the continuity of the contract which will be issued will entirely depend on the performance of the contracted body. The ministry has therefore made it possible to collaborate with the ISRO to get the satellite images to help in monitoring the progress and any activities of this plantation process.

    With the introduction of technology, the Indian government now decides to use the geo-mapping of the trees which are planted along the county’s highway. This will help in keeping track of the rate of survival and the heath of the trees.

    The Indian space organizations such as GAGAN and BHUVAN have been contracted to carry out the activity through their reputable satellites. The two satellites work based on remote sensing system and are aided with the GPS. This makes the monitoring process more effective and efficient.

    To achieve this, the ministry of highways and transport proposes the following:

    • Setting up of a monitoring Center: It is essential according to the department that a monitoring center be established to help in keeping a check on the project which is now removed from the hands of the road constructors to the hands of the space organizations. The monitoring will purely use space technology and therefore requires a central place to be conducted.
    • Payment: To make the monitoring process effective, it has been proposed that the amount of the project will only take place if the trees which are planted survive and are healthy. This will also make it possible for the contracted technology firms to go on with the project or to leave it at that point.
    • Expenses: it is estimated that this technology project will cost the Indian government a budget of approximately Rs 5,000 crore in a period of half a decade. During this time, the Indian highway authority as a body in charge of the trees and the road will act as the fund manager. It will be possible through this manner to maintain a green fund and release the payment based on the recommendations which the body will get from the officials who are concerned with the same.
    • Creating a bridge of contractors: the Indian government is seeking to establish a span of over one thousand contractors to help in the completion of this ambitious project.

    However, the plantation of the trees in most areas of the country will entirely be based on the suitability and fertility of the soil. As such, the country seeks to make more fruit-bearing trees their priority in the process.

    Benefits of the Project

    This project is aimed at achieving the following for the government and citizens of India.

    • To convert the already existing national highways, which are approximately 96,000KM into what they term as the green corridors. This will also pave the way for all the potential expressways to be forecasted as green corridors to give the country a new look.

    The Bottom Line

    Space technology is in the rise, and many individuals and governments are utilizing it to benefit them and their nations in general. As seen with the new Indian policy, it is possible to implement space technology in the monitoring of any projects carried out in the nation. All one needs to have is a centrally placed monitoring center. With the proper planning in place, it is easier to monitor every task carried out today anywhere by use of satellite images.